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The power and drama that attract the eye to dimensional signs are a perfect solution in a world filled with signs lacking impact. Our technology allows us to create stunning creations for every



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Since our beginnings in 1983, we have always risen to the challenge of creating unique signs for specialized clients - often requiring the use of dimensional signage. The lifespan of this type of sign in an outdoor setting makes routed or sandblasted signs a great value. Whether indoors or outdoors, 3-dimensional signs make an impact like no other type of sign.


Technology makes dimensional signs more afforable. Our state-of-the-art CNC router allows for precision cuts and limitless imagination – from dimensional letters to elaborate sign panel shapes in a wide variety of materials.


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Sandblasted and Routed - the attraction of 3-dimensions

Three-dimensional signs can be created from a variety of materials and using a variety of methods.

• Redwood and Western Cedar

• High-density Urethane (HDU)

• Faux Finishes

• Gold Leaf

• Raised letters in acrylic, PVC

Sandblasted routed signs Sandblasted routed sign